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02.06.2020 05:21
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22.08.2006 04:07
Heisenberg and string theory
I recently posted at arxiv a paper hep-th/0608117 in which I demonstrate that, actually, if the content of the Nobel prize winning paper by W.Heisenberg would be widely known (that is included in the standard texts on quantum mechanics) the results such as Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations, Verlinde algebra, Gromov-Witten invariants, etc. could be discovered about 40-50 years ago. For some reason neither Heisenberg himself nor other people used his original approach for development of quantum mechanics. Even though Paul Dirac in his lectures on Quantum Elecrodynamics (at Yeshiva university) had said very explicitly that Heisenberg's way of doing quantum mechanics is far superior to that of Schrodinger (and, hence, of Feynman, etc.). Do not forget as well that Heisenberg had invented the S-matrix. Analytical properties of the S-matrix can be postulated without any reference to string theory, etc. The task of reconstruction of the underlying microscopic theory from the combinatorial data provided by scattering experiments is achievable with minimum efforts with help of Heisenberg's formulation of quantum mechanics/field theory,etc.
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