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First Call 1st ERC Call for Proposals The Scientific... 08.08.2020 14:30
First Call

1st ERC Call for Proposals

The Scientific Council will formally announce shortly the first ERC call for proposals. The first call focuses on ERC Starting Grant proposals, ie the support of the next generation of top research leaders in Europe. The Call deadline is April 25, 2007. For the submission of proposals, the web-based EPSS tool (Electronic Proposal Submission Systems) must be used. No other means for the transmission of proposals will be accepted. Please note that EPSS is not available before March 19, 2007. This first call has already been pre-announced by the European Commission on 22/12/2006.

A modified version of the ERC Work Programme 2007, the ERC Guide for Applicants and a new ERC website replacing the present ERC Scientific Council Website, will be published shortly to provide more information alongside the Scientific Council's first call announcement.

Important Note:

The Scientific Council decided at its meeting on 11/12 January 2007, to change the requirements for the Principal Investigator of ERC Starting Grants. A revised version of the work programme is now in the process of being formally adopted by the Commission, which is reflecting this Scientific Council decision. Thus, with the formal adoption and publication of the revised work programme, the requirements for the Principal Investigator should read as follows:

The Principal Investigator must have been awarded his/her first PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) more than 2 and less than 9 years prior to the deadline of the call for proposals.
Extensions of this period may be allowed in case of eligible career breaks which must be properly documented: maternity (1 year per child born after the PhD award) & paternity leave (accumulation of actual time off) and leave taken for long-term illness, national service. Leave taken for unavoidable statutory reasons (e.g. clinical qualifications) may also count as an extension.

The cumulative eligibility period should not in any case surpass 12 years following the award of the first PhD. No allowance will be made for part-time working (2 years of half-time working count as 2 full-time years).
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21.04.2007 00:02#
По слухам :) примерно на 250...
По слухам :) примерно на 250 грантов уже подано 10 тысяч заявок. Вот какие активные молодые ученые в Европе! :)
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